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A Verifiable Multi-Millionaire Will Teach You To Create, Run, & Grow Your Own Unique Business Step-by-Step In 12 Weeks! We will teach you to grow YOUR OWN unique company and you will be SUCCESSFUL or
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Andrew Greenstein will spend 12 weeks teaching YOU to create & develop your OWN Internet money-making idea! Whether you have a successful business already or don't even know where to start, NO ONE ELSE can teach you his unique, PROVEN methods for earning money from home. Each week you will be given detailed HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS that are specifically applied to the business you will grow with Andrew's help!


"I'm Andrew Greenstein, one of the original pioneers of Internet business. I started my first online company 1994 and I retired 10+ years ago at the age of 28. Click here for proof. That makes me more experienced and more successful than ANY other teacher online. Period. Today, I'm a full-time father, international speaker, and business consultant---living on my own private 62 acre island in a beautiful reserve outside of Orlando, Florida with my two daughters. To date, I've successfully taught all kinds of people to become wealthy. Some of their video testimonials are on this website. Are you willing to put in a few hours each week to become my next success story?"
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You Won't Learn This Stuff ANYWHERE Else In The World!
"For 8 years, a non-compete agreement kept me from disclosing my unique methods of Internet domination to anyone. Concepts like his "self-competition matrix" and "Trojan horse" were strategies that only I and those in my immediate circle of trusted peers knew about. Now I'm free to share all of his knowledge (plus the dozens of other topics listed to your right) with students of Prosperity In Your Pajamas.  Whether you're a seasoned Internet professional or a newbie with NO business experience...this course will teach you how to develop a new site OR
grow an existing one to become enormously profitable."




I have created hundreds of successful online businesses.
I have mentored beginners, wannabes, and experienced entrepreneurs
. I have even created millionaires. These accomplishments make me uniquely qualified to teach YOU how to create your own at-home income ...yet...m
aking substantial money from home IS going to take SOME effort on your part.  My teachings will absolutely generate ENORMOUS wealth when you put in just a few hours each week to learn, study, and work on your course project. (The 12 week course project is for you to create a website ...or to dramatically improve one you already own...and then to use the secrets that I teach you to grow it to huge levels of success). Each week you will log-in to the course's student center -- ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT-- and watch an easy-to-follow, detailed 1 hour lesson from myself and a separate 1 hour lesson from Matthew Brownstein, my partner ---who will teach you how to heal the mental blocks that would normally keep you from applying teachings like mine. The addition of Matthew as a second teacher who focuses on the psychological aspects of making money while I focus on the factual ones -- makes Prosperity In Your Pajamas an exceptionally unique and powerful course. *Also included in the student center are free audio books, programs, business tools, an easy-to-use interface for taking notes, and more.

By the time you graduate, you WILL know dozens of my own self-created unique Internet marketing secrets and will have already used many of them for the growth of your successful website with my guidance. I am SO SURE MY TEACHINGS WORK that I will personally refund 100% of your money if you take my 12 week course, do the assignments, and still don't have a satisfactory income stream from your work-at-home endeavor. I will also make myself personally available to you throughout the course-- As a student, you can contact me with any question and I'll get you through to the next step.

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"Do any of the words above make you think along the lines of "There's no way that I* could do what Andrew did?!?" I'm Matthew Brownstein, an author, successful entrepreneur, and owner of a state-accredited school.  Prior to teaming up with Andrew, I had already logged thousands of clinical hours helping others. My job as a teacher in the course is to help you heal the subconscious blocks that have kept you from being successful in the past...That way, you'll be able to apply all of Andrew's factual teachings!"
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As you look around our site, you may begin to notice your old negative beliefs & feelings about wealth being "too good to be true" or perhaps even your thoughts insisting that "Andrew must've just gotten lucky." So many people find it difficult to accept even the easiest instructions for creating financial freedom. Why? ...because enjoying easy-flowing wealth goes against everything you've been taught...That's why most people fail at most "get rich" programs (even the halfway "decent" courses!)...A lifetime of negative conditioning does not allow most people to do the work and become successful. My role in the Prosperity In Your Pajamas course is to make it possible for you to actually actually accept...and to actually apply everything that Andrew teaches you.
As the executive director of a major state licensed school, I will teach you how to overcome the subconscious blocks that keep most people from applying the simple lessons of teachers like Andrew Greenstein in their lives. Once I show you how to unlock your own mental doors, you'll find it easier and easier to apply Andrew's clear, understandable teachings to create your own mega successes! It is this combination of our teachings that make Prosperity In Your Pajamas an unusually effective and powerful course!

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What We Do: We will spend 12 weeks teaching you PRECISELY how to create, grow, and profit from ANY online, work-at-home company YOU create. You can verify that our teacher, Andrew Greenstein is a self-made millionaire. You can watch video testimonials from other successful students.  You can test the course out with a FREE, one week trial. You can get help DIRECTLY from Andrew throughout the course AND you are GUARANTEED that if you do all of the work and are not making money from home, we will refund 100% of your tuition.

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: The Student Center is open 24-7 for you to log-in.

: $250 for the full 12 weeks; Try a FREE 1 week trial first. If you are not making money from home after completing our course, we will refund your full tuition immediately!

Experience is welcome
but NOT necessary!
Our course is designed for beginners, advanced AND wannabe entrepreneurs.
Below are just SOME of the topics you WILL learn in 12 weeks:

How to develop your own unique and outrageously successful money-making website (if you don't already have one, we'll show you how to generate a business idea PLUS how to research & confirm the profit potential of that idea before starting!)

• How to promote and grow your site in UNIQUE money-making ways using a powerful set of strategies Andrew calls his "5 Phase Plan"

• How to use Andrew's secret "Trojan horse" method to get listed where you normally would never otherwise get listed
• How to leverage Andrew's unique "self-competition matrix" to dramatically increase your revenue

• Search engine optimization concepts including why trying hard to be "number one" is NOT always the best strategy to pursue

How to create a financial plan designed to accommodate the lifestyle YOU want  and then create the wealth you need to LIVE it

• How to create a plan to live off of interest and/or automated income streams for the rest of your life (and account for inflation!)

• NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) for manifesting prosperity.

• H
ow to generate hundreds of pages of unique content for your site easily (doing so is important
for search engine listings)

• How to utilize social media in Andrew's unique money-making ways

• How to visualize, attract, and manifest abundance & prosperity into all areas of your life

How to track everything you'd ever want to know about your site statistics, visitors, & sales while learning how to consistently grow your sales and profits

• How to tweak and correct sales issues as your site evolves and various factors affect it

• How to outdo your competition
• How to maximize your website's potential with Pay Per Click search engines (PPCs)

• H
ow to resolve customer complaints while raising profits

• H
ow to negotiate the best merchant rates and diffuse credit card chargebacks

• How to plan t
ax issues in your favor (this 12 week course, by the way, is almost always a write-off!)

• How to create business plans and acquire your competition

• How to
get REAL links inbound (using a VERY unique 2 step strategy Andrew created)

• How to hire, train, and fire while minimizing employee turnover and increasing your bottom line

• How to deal effectively  with
contractor motivational and security issues that impact those who will work for you from their own homes

• How to give up control and become an "absentee CEO" and vacation while others run your company for you

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College business professors flunked me. I barely graduated with a 2.0. My parents told me that my ideas were "ridiculous." Today, I live on a private island, fly in private jets (ok, I'm only rich enough to rent them...not own them!), and I vacation around the world at least 20 weeks each year. I'm* telling YOU that you CAN learn to be as successful as me (or even more) so. Hear the voice in your head telling you "no"?!? Who do YOU really want to listen to?

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private jet flying him to
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